I am so excited to launch my new collection ‘Treasured’ with you! The Treasured collection is all about beautiful gemstones set in metal, plated with either 18, 22 or 24 karat gold, giving every piece a rich, luxurious, and refined look! Very soon, we will introduce other finishes like rose gold, sterling and oxidized silver.

18karat colorful gemstone statement jewelry

‘Treasured’ is very much in line with my overall concept for all Ezza jewelry and every collection I design – Breathtaking gemstones, Vibrant colors and truly unforgettable statement pieces that will remain special pieces in your jewelry box for years to come. I always try to design and create artful pieces that are more timeless than trendy. That being said, I believe ‘Treasured’ is my most wearable collection as we have introduced a lot of simpler pieces you can throw on everyday like gemstone bangles, rings, stud earrings and collar necklaces!

‘Treasured’ is also very different in construction – my ‘Paradise’ and ‘Luxe’ collections are both fabric based and created entirely with materials embroidered on to silk and leather. The Treasured collection is completely metal based and it has been an exciting and albeit challenging move from creating pieces on an embroidery frame to working with all kinds of metal smithing tools, a flex shaft and soldering torch. I love to be hands on in the creation of every single piece and proud to say that every gemstone is hand picked and and every piece is hand formed, very much still a piece of handmade love from us to you, from start to finish!

I hope you will love and enjoy many of the special pieces launching from ‘Treasured’ and I look forward to updating our ‘Paradise’ and ‘Luxe’ collections very soon as well!